Acelerzi LLC

Acelerzi LLC provides integration services for the Zuora-enabled enterprise.

If you have systems which could benefit from deeper integration with the Zuora dataset, we can help you create that integration.

“Acelerzi has always been committed to making it easier for large enterprises to augment their ERP infrastructure with agile solutions like Zuora’s that help them to be successful with subscription business models. We are excited to be able to showcase our Zuora-Oracle connection services on the RBM Connect marketplace and we look forward to collaborating with more Zuora customers through the RBM Connect community.”

Benjamin Ellsworth, President, Acelerzi

Case Studies

Best in Class Tax Solutions

A company providing online subscription services to U.S. and international customers was faced with out-of-compliance tax collection and payments on services sold. Acelerzi brought together the best of the best software providers for a customized integration that exceeded the clients’ expectations.

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Customized Multi-System Integration Delivers Results

A subscription services company was experiencing exponential growth. It was time to reevaluate its current system to determine if it could keep up. Enter Acelerzi and Zuora.

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Zuora’s Subscription Services Platform Meets Quickbooks

This multi-billion dollar B2B electronic components distributor secured the industry-leading Zuora Relationship Business Management (RBM) system to handle its online sales channels. The problem began when it was time to implement. Acerlerzi to the rescue!

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