The Challenge

Collecting and paying sales taxes utilizing a manual spreadsheet system left this client with a time-consuming, error-prone process. As a provider of online services for hundreds of thousands of U.S. and international subscribers, the client was faced with resolving this situation as quickly as possible to get the company back into compliance.

Our Solution

The expert team at Acelerzi identified the issues surrounding the clients’ sales tax challenges and matched the right products, customized the integration, and completely implemented the tax system software.

Identification of Problem: A thorough due-diligence audit by Acelerzi identified multiple issues with the way the client was collecting and reporting taxes from its subscription-based customers who were paying for “services” rather than “deliverable products.”

System Selection and Integration:

  • Vertex, the industry leading best-practice provider of tax-solutions for businesses, was selected for its expertise in global tax data management, ease of integration with general ledger systems, and fully automated tax calculations that provide for completely secure and historically auditable information.
  • Zuora, a cloud-based leading provider of services for subscription businesses, was tapped as a replacement to the client’s current proprietary system, due to Zuora’s powerful analytics and ability to seamlessly integrate with Vertex.
  • The Acelerzi Team, with special expertise in integrating and customizing business systems for best performance results, created a customized implementation, using Vertex and Zuora, to provide the ultimate tax collection, payment and reporting solution for the client.

Functional and Process Design: Working closely with external auditors, tax advisors and the Vertex tax system solution, Acelerzi adeptly synced services procured by customers from varying states and tax statuses to successfully identify the appropriate tax rate and ultimately calculate the actual tax liability. Vertex’ strengths in international taxation was an added benefit for this client with global customers. Acelerzi also successfully addressed tax-exempt status customers.

Project Managers by Nature: Acelerzi worked with this client from start to finish. From identifying the client taxation issues, to selecting the best-fit vendors, to custom designing the functionality and integration, Acelerzi assured the client that their taxation challenges would be handled efficiently, painlessly and completely.

Fantastic Results

This global client is now sleeping better at night knowing they are supported by a best in class tax solution system that successfully integrates their Zuora-based subscription services with their Vertex tax data management software.


  • In Compliance. Client has gone from “out of compliance” to now, “in compliance.”
  • Pain Free Audits. Client reports the last round of audits was smooth, efficient and downright less stressful. It’s been heard that less aspirin was consumed as a result!
  • Increased Revenue. Client is now accurately collecting correct tax amounts, alleviating potential tax fines for under reporting.